Terms of Reference for Evaluation Specialist

Terms of Reference

Position :    Evaluation Specialist –  Jakarta Based

Duties and Responsibilities

The Evaluation Specialist will support the Executive Secretary of the National Team in overseeing design and implementation of evaluations of national poverty reduction programs. This will include supervision of the design, methods, and analysis for both quantitative and qualitative evaluations that will be carried out by development partners and service providers. The Evaluation Specialist will be an integral member of the M&E and Accountability Working Group and will support the Executive Secretary in achieving commitments to commission and oversee evaluations across all Clusters of poverty reduction programs. He/she will work closely with staff and other working groups under the Executive Secretary, and will be responsible for selecting and liaising with service providers. Specific activities will include:

Preparing an evaluation workplan for the National Team

  • Conduct a stocking taking of major evaluations of poverty reduction programs that have been conducted to date and evaluations that are either in progress or in the pipeline.
  • Carry out consultations with key government agencies and development partners to identify priority policy questions and opportunities for qualitative and quantitative evaluations to respond to these questions.
  • Draft guidelines for the working group outlining the process for submitting and approving concept notes for evaluations, selecting consultants/institutions to implement the assessment, and finalizing and approving evaluation reports.
  • Prepare an overall evaluation workplan for poverty reduction programs, incorporating government-commissioned and donor-commissioned studies, for approval by the Working Group Coordinator and members, and submission to the National Team.

Overseeing implementation of the evaluation workplan

  • Provide methodological and other technical support for quantitative and qualitative studies included in the workplan. Specific areas of support include:
    1. Reviewing concept notes, research and methodological designs.
    2. Providing inputs on survey instruments and TORs for survey work.
    3. Reviewing data analysis and final reports for quantitative studies.
  • Liaise, as necessary, with Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Stastik) to ensure that survey instruments collect necessary information for program evaluation; ensure accessibility of data for service providers.
  • Conduct regular coordination meetings with working group members and service providers to ensure that evaluation activities are carried out on-time and meet agreed quality standards.

Providing technical assistance to implementing agencies

  • Socialize the evaluation plan with implementing agencies to improve awareness and ensure buy-in.
  • Provide technical advice to agencies responsible for the design of poverty reduction programs to ensure the incorporation of a rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan at early design stages.
  • Prepare guidelines and prepare assistance to implementing agencies in the collection and reporting of baseline data.

Preparing Policy Inputs for the National Team

  • Prepare regular progress reports against the evaluation plan for delivery to the National Team.
  • Review, pre-approve and submit final evaluation reports to the M&E and Accountability Working Group Coordinator and members.
  • Prepare presentations and policy notes for delivery to the National Team, Secretariat, implementing agencies, and development partners to communicate evaluation findings and recommendations.

Selection Criteria

  • Education and analytical skills: Advanced degree in economics, social sciences, or statistics. Strong quantitative and statistical analysis skills are required. Familiarity with Indonesian datasets is an advantage.
  • Practical work experience: Minimum of eight to ten years of relevant professional experience; minimum of three years conducting implementation and impact evaluations, and designing and fielding surveys is essential.
  • Communication and client relations: Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. He/she should be able to effectively communicate internally and externally, share information with colleagues, clients, and management. Excellent presentational and writing skills are required.
  • Team work: Proven ability to lead or participate in a multi-disciplinary team of field researchers. Able to work effectively with a range of government agencies, development partners (including donors, multilateral agencies and non-government agencies). A strong record of working across organizational boundaries is required.

Please refer to the source : tnp2k.waparesri.go.id

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