Terms of Reference for LGD Specialist

Terms of Reference for LGD Specialist

Position :    Local Government and Development (LGD) Specialist –  Jakarta Based

Duties & Responsibilities

The Local Government and Development Specialist (LGD) Specialist shall perform the following key functions:

  1. Assist the Working Group Head in the development of PNPM Mandiri Road Map and policy recommendations for:
    • strengthening institutional and community groups developed by PNPM Mandiri and others community empowerment program
    • strengthening the role of local government at PNPM Mandiri as part of bureaucracy reform and decentralization framework
    • strengthening and further development of PNPM Mandiri institutional setting for improvement of local planning process
  2. strengthening local government management capability in delivery better public services for communities
  3. conduct review, monitoring, and evaluation of the implementation of PNPM Mandiri program and other community driven development programs
  4. Conduct socialization of PNPM Mandiri to key stakeholders in the central government, local government, and civil society as necessary
  5. Support the Secretariat of National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction
  6. Perform other tasks as specified by the Head of the Working Group

The LGD Specialist shall report to the Head of the Working Group and shall work closely with the PNPM Mandiri stakeholders from the line ministries and departments, donors, NGOs, and other institutions. The LGD Specialist shall conduct review, discussions, field visits, and workshops as necessary.

Selection Criteria

In order to successfully perform the tasks, the LGD Specialist shall have the following qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in a relevant field
  • At least ten years of experience on Community Driven Development works and has held a strategic position at a large scale development project, preferably PNPM Mandiri
  • Good knowledge of PNPM Mandiri Program and good network with its stakeholders
  • Willing to travel extensively
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Indonesian
  • Able to operate basic computer applications such as word processing and presentation software.

Please refer to the source : tnp2k.waparesri.go.id

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