Terms of Reference for MIS Specialist

Terms of Reference for MIS Specialist

Position :    Management Information Systems (MIS) Specialist –  Jakarta Based

Duties and Responsibilities

The MIS Specialist will support the Coordinator of the M&E and Accountability Working Group in overseeing the design and establishment of a MIS to monitor the performance of national poverty reduction programs. He/she will be responsible for supervising and providing technical inputs on the development of the MIS, which will be carried out by a contracted firm. The MIS Specialist will also be responsible for maintaining the MIS and ensuring that users are able to access data through user-friendly interfaces when needed. As an integral member of the M&E and Accountability Working Group, he/she will work closely with staff and other working groups under the Executive Secretary, and will be responsible for selecting and liaising with service providers. Specific activities will include:

Designing an integrated MIS for the National Team

  • Conduct a stocking taking of MIS systems and practices that currently exist for poverty reduction programs and plans to create MIS for individual programs.
  • Conduct a review of MIS systems and institutional arrangements used in Indonesia and globally; prepare a report on lessons learned and best practices that are relevant for the National Team.
  • Carry out consultations with key government offices, implementing agencies and development partners to discuss the need for an integrated MIS and collect inputs on the design and preparation of the system.
  • Prepare a report formulating the design of an integrated MIS, including proposed institutional arrangements, which will be submitted for the consideration of the National Team.

Building and socializing an integrated MIS

  • Provide support in the procurement process for selection of a contractor to provide the technical design and build the database and MIS (note: procurement policies will depend on the source of the funding for the MIS which remains to be determined).
  • In close cooperation with the contractor, prepare a workplan and identify key performance indicators.
  • Socialize the design of the MIS with implementing agencies and ensure buy-in for streamlining and linking program-specific MIS to the planned integrated MIS; liaise with implementing agencies to define the standard data that is needed for the integrated MIS.
  • Monitor progress of the contractor against the workplan, review and document progress towards key performance indicators which will trigger contractual payments.
  • Prepare regular progress reports for the M&E and Accountability Working Group and the National Team on the preparation of the MIS.

Overseeing implementation of the MIS

  • Work with the contractor to prepared user-friendly manual on how to use the MIS.
  • Socialize the MIS and demonstrate how it works with the National Team, Executive Secretariat, and members from all working groups; arrange for trainings on how to access and use the MIS dashboard and maintain the system.
  • Provide technical assistance to implementing agencies on the design, implementation and improvements of program specific MIS that contribute to the integrated MIS.
  • Oversee regular maintenance of the MIS.
  • Prepare regular reports based on findings from the MIS for submission to working groups, the Executive Secretary, and the National Team.

Selection Criteria

  1. Education and technical skills: Advanced degree in computer science, mathematics, MIS, or related field. Training in computer programming with SQL, MS Access; proficiency in computer programming languages is an advantage including Visual Basic, Web Programming with PHP or other tools.
  2. Practical work experience: 10 – 15 years experience working with WAN and programming database systems, designing internet-based distribution networks, and designing and developing websites. Experience in developed monitoring systems is strongly preferred. Prior experience working with Government of Indonesia data systems and
  3. Communication and client relations: Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. He/she should be able to effectively communicate internally and externally, share information with colleagues, clients, and management. Demonstrated experience working closely with government counterparts is an advantage.
  4. Team work: Able to work effectively with a range of government agencies, development partners (including donors, multilateral agencies and non-government agencies). A strong record of working across organizational boundaries is required.
  5. Time management: Ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently. Results oriented and focused. Can handle multiple tasks effectively and coordinate a team to meet deadlines; ability to manage uncertainty and adjust to a changing work program.
  6. Language skills: Working knowledge of written/spoken Indonesian is essential; Working knowledge of written/spoken English is an advantage.

Please refer to the source : tnp2k.waparesri.go.id

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